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DOBLE A® ECO 40-1 with Soft Case


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Descripción :

Doble A ECO 40-1

  • 15.74 x 5.51 inches

ECO Series

Simple and Light

Super resistant

it has a single level with an optimal inclination to support the pedals,

DOBLE A® ECO Series comes with professional features to maximize the efficiency and use of your pedalboard.

  • Bilateral open side compartments allowing comfortable wiring access to power supply inner compartments.
  • Tiered level design and pedal riser for expression/wah pedals. Only on ECO 40-4/60-4
  • Screw mount resistant feet
  • Rail opening to allow for easier access to the pedals while helping the “stepping” dynamic and reducing the risk of accidental pedal triggering.
  • Inside compartment to ensure secure mounting and protection of the power supply.

DOBLE A® ECO Series is made of 0.9 mm thick iron contributing to its ultra-light weight and offers the ideal comfort to mount your pedals and power supply.

The new design on the ECO 40-4 / ECO 60-4 features tiered levels as seen on the TAM Series.

Included with purchase is our new fitted soft case (featuring a heavy-duty metal zipper and reinforced stress points)


- Soft Case with Shoulder Strap

- Pedal Riser for Wah/Expression pedal

- Hook & Loop installed on the pedalboard

- Professional Grade Hook & Loop for your pedals

Company FAQs

--Does it come with a bag?

Yes, all our pedalboards include a perfect sized bag to carry your pedalboard in a secure and comfortable way

--Does it come with Velcro?

Yes, All our pedalboards come with both sides of auto adhesive Velcro® you won't need any extra material.

Which material are the pedalboards made of?

Our pedalboards are built in a 0.9mm thick sheet iron which makes them extra light but very resistant, since all the foldings and the design overall, get as a result a strong and portable structure

Do you make custom pedalboards?

No, every model is developed in a specific matrix and it isn't possible to change the size of the pedalboard.